IT Intergration Service
IT Intergration Service

Industry Solution Development
To meet your business needs, we offer a diverse set of industry-specific solutions built to address your business processes and demands and the requirements of the customers you do business with¡ªall at the lowest ...

Industry Solutions Development

Custom Software Development
Usually much more efficient to use than mass-market software, since it is designed for specific needs of your organisation. During development, we will work with your staff to understand your business processes and needs.

Custom Software Development

Offshore Outsouring Development
Outsourcing IT projects and solutions is a rapidly growing practice in today¡¯s highly competitive economy because organizations are under pressure to develop products/projects at a rapid and cost-effective rate or make upgrades ...

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Construction Industry
From budget to implementation, from material purchasing to financial management, from field supervision to project acceptance, We provide full completely Construction Project Management Solutions.

  • Project Budget Estimating
  • Material Purchase
  • Construction Work-Schedule
  • Project Financial Management

Logistics Industry
From supply chain orgnization and distribution to freight and warehouse, we provide realtime efficient solutions between multiple departments and enterprise.

  • Supplier PO Management
  • Reseller SO Management
  • Warehouse Inbound and Outbound
  • Freight delivery

Travel Industry
From tour package design to tour reservation, from order processing to tour group management, We provide integrated systems which involves financial settlement for internal and external.

  • Tour Quatation
  • Special Request Tour Design
  • Customer Online Reservation
  • Order Processing

What Aesop to do
Aesop is a world-wide IT products and service provider. We can bring high quality software, featured industrial solutions, precise and efficient support to customers.

What Aesop to do

Why choose Aesop
Based on the premise that implement software product functions, Aesop will pay more attention to user experience design, detail design and friendly UI design.

e-Shopping Online System

Technical System
Aesop has a professional R&D team which has over 10 years full experience in software development field for customer all over the world.

e-Calendar System